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Rob Creek Regatta.

6th April 2014.
Rob Creek Regatta

Spalding's Welland Yacht Club held their 'Fitting Out Regatta' for the 'Robert Creek Shield' in Sunday 6th April. It saw 7 competitors taking to the water whilst others chose to remain on the bank and watch the antics. The event was the first of the season following the winter break and was certainly a chance to blow away the cobwebs. Challenging conditions met the competitors with shifty winds gusting up to 35mph. The 1st race turned into a game of snakes and ladders with Neal Tack crewed by Rebecca Slator sailing a Graduate taking an early lead whilst others had yet to cross the start line! Eventually he was overhauled by Brian Cobb in the Europe who was the first to finish following an hour of thrills and spills – including a number of sudden capsizes in the fleet, it was Joseph Twigg who finished first on Handicap sailing a Topper. Race 2 started promptly in the ever freshening breeze. This meant an early bath for many with several competitors suffering close encounters with the bank. Only 2 competitors survived to battle it out to finish. After several dunkings and an episode of having to swim after the boat it was Cobb who took the win, planning across the line in spectacular fashion . Tack who suffered gear failure was the other finishing boat. With Race three being abandoned due to the difficult conditions the final results were 1st Brian Cobb – Europe, 2nd Neal Tack and Rebecca Slator – Graduate, 3rd Joseph Twigg – Topper. Proceedings were ably assisted by Vanessa Cook – Officer of the Day, with Andy Agar on Rescue.

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