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RYA training courses

The Club is a registered RYA training centre and organises courses including: RYA levels 1 to 3, Seamanship and Powerboat 2. Course are based around our members needs.


If you are interested in any attend a course please fill in the form below or to make a general inquiry use our contact form

RYA level 1 & 2 sailing courses

The Club runs RYA dinghy levels 1 and 2 and Seamanship courses. 

The Level 1 dinghy sailing course is the introductory level in the adult sailing scheme. The course is designed to give the complete novice the basic skills and knowledge needed to get afloat and start enjoying this wonderful sport. Often this course is run alongside a level 2 course.

The Level 2 sailing course is designed to progress your sailing skills further, participants will be taught all they need to know in order to get afloat in light to moderate winds without need for assistance. This course once completed could be considered your drivers licence for dinghy sailing. It is nationally recognised as a bench mark qualification.

The seamanship course follows the Level 2 course and builds on the skills already learnt.

Upcoming courses


Training Dates - The Club will be running the following RYA course in the near future:


If you are interested in joining this course please e mail or use the contact the club form below


The Club runs both the RYA Level 2 National Powerboat Course and also the RYA Powerboat course. These courses are scheduled around our our members needs but non members can also join where numbers allow. 

This course is designed to provide the skills and background knowledge needed by the competent powerboat driver and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence. 


The course teaches you how to drive the craft responsibly but above all safely and still having maximum enjoyment and this qualification is usually sufficient to hire a boat.


The Safety Boat Course focusses on the skills needed to safety rescue or support other water users and is particularly useful to Club members who are scheduled to be on the safety boat rota.

Power boat courses 

This video has been produced by the RYA as a guide to taking up sailing. If you would like to read more about the RYA training methods please visit


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Our Team



Centre Principle

Senior Sailing Instructor

Powerboat Instructor

Andy is the centre's Principle and keen sailor tacking part in the Club's races most weekends



Chief Powerboat Instructor

Dinghy Instructor

Andy has many years boating experience in boat sailing and power boats



Chief Sailing Instructor

Club Commodore

Tom is the Centre's Senior Sailing Instructor and in addition is the Club's Commodore



Dinghy Instructor

Neal is an experienced sailor of many years

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