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2022 Results

Summer Afternoon Points - Alan Cox

Ralph Gibson Trophy  - Alan Cox

Most Improved Helm - Alan Cox

Richard Glenn Chal. Bowl  - Alan Cox

Richard Thacker Trophy -  Bishop (Hunts SC)

Robert Creek Shield  - Andy Prior

Munson Cup  - Andy Prior

Sunday Morning  - Andy Prior

Talents Trophy - Kieron Powell

Tulip Regatta 3rd - Clive herd

Lowland Novelty RaceTrophy  - Clive Herd

Pusuit Series (Solo Cup) - Gail Follington

Flag Officers Cup  - Gail Follington

Tulip Regatta 2nd - Helen Boyd

Tombstone Trophy Best capsise of the season - Keiron Powell

Frostbite Series - Mark Scourfield

Brass Monkey - Mark Scourfield

Tulip Regatta 1st  - Mark Scourfield

Commodores Points  - Mark Scourfield

Grounds Trophy  - Mark Scourfield

Welland Paddle - Mark Scourfield

Carl Bilbie, Pursuit Trophy  - Mark Scourfield

Sunday Points Trophy - Mark Scourfield

Autumn Points (Graduate Challenge Cup) - Mark Scourfield

Masters Trophy  - Mark Scourfield

PBS Salva - Neal Tack & Rebecca Slator

Maclaren Crew Trophy  - Rebecca Slator

The Herd Salva (Novice) - Richard Stedman


Gooch Trophy (Club Champion) 1st - Mark Scourfield

Champion 2nd - Andy Prior

Club Champion 3 =Gail Follington

Club Champion 3 =Alan Cox

Chamionship - Gerri van Haren

Division 1 - Arden Follington

Ann Smith Perseverance Trophy - Gerri van Haren

Bailer Trophy  - Mark Holland

Chris Mew - Eric Murray

George Hastings Coaching Award - Andy Prior

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