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2018 Results

Frostbite Series (2017)  -  1st Paul & Lucy Burton, 2nd Emma Agar, 3rd Ivan Hurst

Robert Creek Shield (r)  -   1st Brian Cobb, 2nd Mark Holland, 3rd Will Cook & Emma Hill   -   Jnr Christopher Seaborne 

Munson Cup (ph)          -    1st Mark Holland, 2nd Gail Follington, 3rd Andy Prior  -  Full Results

Tulip Trophy (r) (ph)     -    1st Martin Cook, 2nd Will Cook & Emma Hill, 3rd Neal Tack  -  Jnr Freya Willerton - Full Results

Personal Handicap (ph) -  1st Lucy Burton, 2nd Andy Prior, 3rd Neal Tack & Rebecca Slator - Full Results


Flag Officers Cup (r)      - 1st Andy Prior, 2nd Tom Bell, 3rd Katie Follington  -  Jnr Katie Follington

Lowlands Trophy (r) (ph) - 1st Tom Bell, 2nd Gail Follington, 3rd Lucy Burton  -  Jnr Katie Follington - Full Results

Novice Regatta (r) (ph)     - 1st Lucy Burton, 2nd Paul Wilson, 3rd Katie Follington

Morning Points              -  1st Andy Prior, 2nd Ros Nickols, 3rd Mark Holland - Full Results

Commodores Points       -  1st Ros Nickols, 2nd Paul Burton, 3rd Alan Cox - Full Results 

PBS Salva (r) (ph)             -  1st Andy Prior, 2nd Clive Herd, 3rd Paul Wilson - jnr Samuel Willerton - Full Results

Afternoon Points (ph)      - 1st Paul Burton, 2nd Alan Cox, 3rd Neal Tack & Rebecca Slator - Full Results

Grounds Trophy (r)          - 1st Andy Prior, 2nd Gail Follington, 3rd Martin Cook - jnr Katie Follington - Full Results

Welland Paddle (r)           - 1st Andy Prior, 2nd Paul & Lucy Burton, 3rd Gail Follington - jnr Freya Willerton - Full Results

Cadet Regatta                - 1st Katie Follington, 2nd Lucy Burton  -  Full Results 

Carl Bilbie Trophy (r) (ph) - 1st Paul Wilson, 2nd Mark Holland, 3rd Tom Bell - jnr Katie Follington - Full Results 

A1 Trophy (r)                  -  1st Tom Bell, 2nd Paul Burton, 3rd Clive Herd - jnr Rosie Willerton - Full Results 

Sunday Points                -  1st Paul Burton, 2nd Alan Cox, 3rd Tom Bell   - Full Results

Personal Handicap (ph)  - 1st Alan Cox, 2nd Gail Follington, 3rd Geri van Haren  - Full Results

Richard Glen   (r) (ph)    - 1st Martin Cook, 2nd Alan Cox, 3rd Paul Wilson - jnr Katie Follington - Full Results

Challenge Bowl

Frostbite Series            - 1st Andy Prior, 2nd Paul Burton, 3rd Ros Nickols - Full results


Brass Monkey              - 1st Andy Prior, 2nd Paul Burton, 3rd Tom Bell - (Note race 6 of above)

(r)     single day regatta

(ph)  personal handicap

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